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[Shipping Information]    

At MAMC , we send all TAIWAN orders with TAIWAN E-Parcel. You can track your order from dispatch right to your doorstep.


See below for International FREE SHIPPING:

Orders received before 4pm Mon-Fri will, in a majority of cases, be posted the following business day. For orders placed after 4pm or on weekends, please allow an extra day (payment must be received prior to shipping).

When you order from www.mamctaiwan.com you can estimate to receive your order within 3-10 business days depending on your regional location. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. For more information on the TAIWAN Post delivery network please visit  TAIWAN POST : goo.gl/pSqFrT or DHL : goo.gl/in5k37.

International Delivery outside of TAIWAN

We use TAIWAN Post for international deliveries . We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. For more information on the TAIWAN Post delivery network please see www.post.gov.tw/post/internet/Group/default.jsp . If no one is home for delivery, local postal guidelines apply. 

All freight prices below are quoted in NTD, for international customers your credit card company will calculate the exchange automatically. 

For remote International destinations, please contact us at mamctaiwan@gmail.com and we can confirm this for you.

lease see below for postage prices and estimated delivery times: 
Days to Deliver Shipping Charges
USA/Canada 10-15 Business Days
New Zealand 3-10 Business Days
Asia/Pacific 10-15 Business Days
United Kingdom 10-15 Business Days
Europe 10-15 Business Days
Rest of the World 10-15 Business Days

postage prices charges will vary widely from country to country and will depend on your parcel’s weight and size. 
Please note that there are some international shipping restrictions.  Please contact us at mamctaiwan@gmail.com for further information.

When can I expect my order? 
Deliveries take 3-15 working days for International orders (remote regions may take longer).
Usually, orders are dispatched within 1 working day.
If there are any problems or delays with your order, we will contact you as soon as possible via the contact email or phone number you have provided us. 
* Please note that these are estimated delivery times only and delivery time frames for international services vary depending on the destination and, if applicable, exclude time in customs and the time it takes to process your order. Areas outside of metropolitan cities may also experience longer delivery. Therefore MAMC  does not guarantee delivery dates.

How can I track my order?
All  orders come with tracking, and all International orders using Pack & Track Shipping will come with tracking. Please see TAIWAN Post website for more information on which countries are eligible for Pack & Track Shipping.

If you should have any problems receiving your order, please contact us on either +886 13902199 or [ mamctaiwan@gmail.com ] and we will do our best to help with your enquiry.

Customs tax paid by the buyer.





建議下標前可先留言詢問,或是到MAMC TAIWAN粉絲團私信詢問哦!

2. [ 付款注意事項 ] 

- ATM付款: 請於兩日內將款項入帳,下單後當日晚上10:00前匯款完成,我們會立即出貨,以便我們將您的商品盡快送達您手中。

- 刷卡付款: 下單後,請確認信息,如果有問題歡迎訊息告知我們。

- PAYPAL付款: 下單後,請確認信,如果有問題歡迎訊息告知我們。

- 超商取貨付款 (僅限台灣) : 下單後1-2天內寄出,超商簡訊通知。

3. [ 商品送達時間 ] 


- 台灣本地郵寄: 使用郵局便利袋寄出,運送天數約1-2天。

- 711/全家 超商取貨付款 : 下單付款成功後,寄至買家指定的超商門市,簡訊通知您前往取貨,運送天數約2-3天。 (如逾期沒領貨者,即刻黑名單)

- 海外寄送: 依照物流情況及地區而定,運送天數約7-14天。

- 門市店取: 下單付款成功後,我們將會立即把商品準備好在LIBERTY STORE店面待您前往自取。

   ADD: LIBERTY STORE 台南市中西區衛民街50號C店  06-223-1568

4. [ 注意事項 ] 

請在結帳時,勾選 「加入會員」的選項,以便追蹤貨物的情況。


5. [ 換貨須知 ]

- 瑕疵狀況: 買家收到商品有瑕疵或是商品不完整,非人為瑕疵,我們接受換貨處理,請於收到商品的三個工作日寄回給我們 (利用711店到店方式/郵寄方式) 寄回;來回運費則由『我方』支出。 

- 尺寸不合: 買家收到商品有尺寸不合問題,可接受同款更換尺寸,請於收到商品的三個工作日寄回給我們 (利用711店到店方式) 寄回;來回運費則由『買方』支出。

- 國際包裹: 如非台灣地區者換貨,如是換貨需求由買家吸收。 

- 維修處理: 買家正常使用下有損壞,經我方判斷是合理範圍,皆可接受維修,維修費用由我方支出,來回運費由買家支付。

商品寄回: 收到商品後有 瑕疵 或 寄錯商品 的狀況 請於三日內訊息 (FACEBOOK訊息、官網訊息、Line官方客服) 留言寫下訂單編號並通知我們,我方判斷後,請買家七日內將 商品(包裝袋、吊牌雷射標籤)完整寄回,缺一不可,收到貨後如缺少或異味...等其他狀況將不受理。

- 商品如因瑕疵要換其他商品,金額多補少不退,請留意 以免造成雙方誤會。

★ 本網不接受 因個人因素 ( 收到商品不喜歡了、跟我想像中的不一樣.... 等 ) 退換貨;下單前歡迎您多花點時間詢問商品 規格/尺寸/建議尺寸等...,我們都很樂意為您服務。

★ 本網僅接受換貨(換同款顏色、尺寸) ,不接受下標看貨。

MAMC 保有接受消費者訂單與否的權力



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